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Features of the Huntsville area


<Basic information>

Alabama Population: 4.9 million

Huntsville City Population: 200,000

Huntsville City Area: 543.9 km²

It is located in the southern part of the United States, between Florida and Louisiana. Huntsville is located in the northern part of Alabama and is a rapidly growing region with a population that will surpass the number one mobile in 2022. The time difference with Japan is -13 hours. The attraction of this area is the warmth and friendliness of the southern people, who are said to be Southern hospitality. While achieving such rapid growth, you can meet the warm hospitality at restaurants and commercial facilities.

The charm of Huntsville

Huntsville, a rapidly developing rocket city

Huntsville, known for having NASA, is a region that has been further developed by the arrival of the FBI in key industries such as aerospace (NASA, Boeing) IT (Google, FB) and automobiles (Toyota, Mazda). It has the second largest population in the state (the population of the metropolitan area is 500,000), and there are many high-class engineers and researchers. Mazda and Toyota's joint venture founded in 2018, during the plant construction in the prospect of the 2021 operation. Taking this opportunity, the number of expatriates working for Japanese companies is expected to increase at a stretch to about 400 households. Various commercial facilities are being developed one after another, and some of them are fashionable food and miscellaneous goods that have been renovated from old factories, entertainment complexes, etc. If you do not go for a few months, new faces are increasing in the city. It is close to big cities such as Nashville and Atlanta, making it an easy place to live.


Madison City, which has high academic ability and is popular


Madison, a suburb of Huntsville, has one of the highest levels of public school in the United States and is home to engineers and researchers working in Huntsville. Currently, new residential areas are being developed one after another, and expatriates who are assigned to Toyota, Mazda, and their supplier companies from Japan are also looking for rental properties in this area. The appeal of this region is that not only can capital gains be steadily targeted due to rapid growth and housing shortages, but also high ingam gains can be expected due to the low property tax.

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