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Los Angeles

Features of the Los Angeles area


<Basic information>

California Population: 40 Million

Greater Los Angeles Population: 13.3 million

Greater Los Angeles Area: 14765 km²

It is prospering as a representative gateway to the west coast of the United States, which arrives in about 10 hours by direct flight from Japan. There are five counties around Los Angeles in Southern California, but the major urban areas of Los Angeles refer to the combined area of Los Angeles and Orange County (Los Angeles metropolitan area). The area is densely populated with commerce and population, with Los Angeles County being the most populous county in the United States. By 2050, the number is expected to increase by 3.5 million.

Los Angeles charm

Warm climate and global economic city

It is characterized by a warm and comfortable climate throughout the year with little rainfall. There are many tourist attractions such as Hollywood, the movie capital, Beverly Hills, a high-class residential area, Santa Monica, and Disneyland. Economic development is remarkable in various fields such as logistics, services, tourism, education, and manufacturing, centering on the Port of Long Beach, which boasts 40% of the US imports, and many jobs are created. Many companies and people from all over the world come to this large market in search of business opportunities.


Melting Pot


It is famous for being inhabited by various races, as it is called the "melting pot of races". About 35% of the Los Angeles County population is said to be born outside the United States and always speak more than 80 languages. Therefore, communities centered on supermarkets, restaurants, and religious facilities of each ethnic group are formed in each area. Against this background, the Los Angeles real estate market is very active.

Stable rental and sales market

Prices tend to be higher in areas closer to the beach in both the rental and trading markets. There are many prestigious schools such as UCLA, USC, and CIT in Los Angeles, and there are many immigrants seeking a high level of education. The area around Playa Vista, where IT start-up companies are expanding, is called Silicon Beach, and famous IT companies have offices. Although real estate prices have fallen for several years since the 2007-2008 subprime mortgage crisis and the Lehman shock, Los Angeles real estate is a stable market as prices continue to rise to date.

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