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Features of the Miami area

<Basic information>

Florida Population: 20.61 million

Miami Population: 450,000

Miami Area: 143.1 km²

Located at the southern tip of Florida, USA, Miami is a popular beach resort that is longed for and visited by people not only in the United States but also around the world because of its blue sea and white sandy beaches and warm climate throughout the year. Miami Beach is famous for its 16km north-south luxury resort, Miami Beach, and the Art Deco historic center on the south side is lined with beautiful buildings, each with its beautiful scenery that attracts travelers.

Miami charm

Rapidly growing Miami

Downtown Miami, which became the three largest skyscrapers in the United States after New York and Chicago, has grown even faster for several years. With the opening of high-speed trains connecting the three major cities of southern Florida, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, access to Miami from the suburbs has increased further, and a major trading company real estate company has purchased the landmark Miami Tower from Japan ( (Approximately 24 billion yen), a major machinery manufacturer group will open a new rolling stock factory in Miami-Dade County to manufacture vehicles for Miami-Dade Transportation.

Miami area where investment gathers from all over the world

Miami real estate mid-price is only about $ 300,000. Prices are expected to rise at a rapid pace in recent years at a considerably lower price than other comparable cities in the United States. Yields on rental properties are also very good, and Southeast Florida is the number one foreign real estate investment destination in the United States. In addition, the millennium generation in their late 20s to early 30s has been selected as the No. 1 city to live in in the future, and it is also an area where there is always demand for residence. Some properties also have an EB5 program for purchasers, which is a very popular project especially for foreigners of Asian descent.

Various real estate development projects in progress

In addition to the "Brickel Center" completed this year, the construction of the "Miami World Center", one of the largest new projects in the United States, which covers about 30 acres across the Miami River, will start in 2018. Its central condominium tower, Paramount Miami World Center, is a 60-story property with vast amenities including a rooftop skypool / lounge, promising the next generation of downtown Miami's high lifestyle. Downtown Miami, which is full of luxury, is expected to continue to grow.

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