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The Vale Rusutsu


Rusutsu Resort's first

Birth of the vale rusutsu condominium

Both the winter season, which boasts the best snow quality, and the green season, which is ideal for summer resorts.

All the time at the Hokkaido resort that you can enjoy throughout the four seasons is yours.



Mt. Yotei 10 minutes [8 km]

Lake Toya 20 minutes [17 km]

Niseko 35 minutes [20 km]

Yoichi 80 minutes [70 km]

Lake Shikotsu 85 minutes [75 km]

Sapporo 85 minutes [75 km]

Otaru 90 minutes [82 km]

New Chitose Airport 90 minutes [88 km]

Rusutsu Resort is just a 90-minute drive from Sapporo and New Chitose Airport. It is also easily accessible by plane, train or ferry. It is in the best location as a sightseeing base for staying in Hokkaido, such as the famous Lake Toya and Lake Shikotsu.

The charm of Rusutsu Resort

At the 2017, 2018 and 2019 World Ski Awards

Received Japan's Best Ski Resort Award!

Received the "World Ski Award", which is said to be the Academy Award for the ski industry, for the third consecutive year. Rusutsu Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Hokkaido, boasting abundant snowfall. You can enjoy the finest powder snow that will fascinate the skiers who visit.


Green season with lots of activities

Spring, summer, and autumn, which are ideal as summer resorts, allow you to enjoy Hokkaido in a different way than in winter.

The golf course has a total of 4 courses and 72 holes, the largest amusement park in Hokkaido, rafting on the Shiribetsu River, horse riding experience and hiking , so why not refresh yourself in the magnificent nature that your family can enjoy?

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