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Features of the Seattle area

<Basic information>

Washington Population: 7 Million

Seattle City Population: 700,000

Seattle City Area: 217 km²

Seattle is located in Washington State in the northwestern United States near the Canadian border.

There are direct flights from Japan, and the time required is about 9 hours, which is the shortest in the continental United States, so many Japanese visit for work, study abroad, travel or sightseeing. There are many Japanese supermarkets, restaurants, bookstores, etc., making it a big city that Japanese people can get close to and live in. Seattle has a mild climate, with many seas, lakes, mountains and forests, and an attractive environment blessed with nature. Known as the city of technology and coffee, the Seattle region has spawned global companies such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Boeing and Amazon.

Seattle's charm

Seattle is close to Japan and has a friendly climate

Seattle is the closest mainland United States to Japan. There are many Japanese people because it takes about 9 hours by direct flight, and Japanese restaurants and supermarkets are close by, so it is very easy to live in. The climate is cool in summer, with an average temperature of 25 ° C / 14 ° C in August and a mild winter of 8 ° C / 2 ° C in December. It is known that there is a lot of rain in winter, but the rainfall is 958 mm (1592 mm in Tokyo), and thanks to this rain, you can enjoy a comfortable climate surrounded by beautiful greenery in spring.

IT companies thrive, the second Silicon Valley

Well-educated and well-skilled, Seattle is home to many global IT companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple and Google, and high-income earners are migrating. In addition, there are many companies from Seattle, such as Amazon and Microsoft, Starbucks and Tully's, the largest coffee chain, Boeing, which represents the aircraft industry, Zillow, the largest real estate site in the United States, Costco for consumer business, etc. There is.

Stable rental market with low prices for residential properties

According to US real estate site Trulia, Seattle's mid-price is $ 698,000, which is still cheap. Compared to San Francisco's mid-price of $ 1,140,000 and Los Angeles's $ 740,000, it's easy to see that Seattle is still more affordable than other West Coast metropolises. In addition to being dotted with the headquarters and bases of major corporations, Seattle has the largest military bases for the Army, Navy, and Air Force on the west coast, so the rental market is stable.

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