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Silicon Valley

Features of Silicon Valley area


<Basic information>

California Population: 40 Million

Silicon Valley Population: 3 million

Silicon Valley Area: 4750km²

Silicon Valley is the name given to the Santa Clara Valley and its surrounding areas, located in the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area, California. The name comes from the fact that semiconductor manufacturers and IT-related companies are concentrated in the basin. It is also famous for the birth of many Internet-related companies such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, and Intel, which are known worldwide, and has become a major base for the information and communication industry. The climate is comfortable with little change in temperature throughout the year, but the winter season is the rainy season and rainy days may continue.

The charm of Silicon Valley

Areas with high education and high income

Silicon Valley has a population of about 3 million, of which 1.04 million are concentrated in San Jose. San Jose is the third largest city in California and the tenth largest city in the United States, with nearly 40% of its inhabitants being foreign-born immigrants. In addition, 50% are university graduates, making it a rare multi-ethnic and highly educated community in the United States. According to 2016 data from the US Census Bureau, the interim annual income of graduate students is over $ 110,000 (12 million), which is a fairly high income.


Reasons for population concentration


Housing demand is very high, as the low mountains occupy the majority and the area where people can live is limited. As the employment of the high-tech industry increases, the population increases and the demand for housing also increases, which has continued since the 1970s. San Jose has Adobe headquarters, and Cupertino Sunnyvale has Apple headquarters and Yahoo headquarters. Since there are many Japanese supermarkets and restaurants, many Japanese expatriates live because of the good environment and high education level.

Top-level prices and high rental demand in the United States

It is said to be one of the highest real estate prices in the United States, but it is clear from the fact that the mid-price of single-family homes in 2017 exceeds $ 1 million (110 million). In Pal Alto, where Stanford University is located, many top executives of companies live, and the security is good and the standard of living is high. Rents are rising in the rental market as well, and the vacancy rate is low. The average monthly rent for 1LDK is about $ 2,500 (280,000), 2LDK is $ 3,200 (360,000), and 3LDK and above is $ 5,000 (560,000), and rental demand continues to be high.

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